We are Record: Create Consume studios.

This is the PAY-PER-USE method of fitness & wellness facilities. Our space is available to anyone for rent by the hour | day | week.

Rent a space “BOX” within any of our facilities ... use the space... repurpose the space.

Our facilities are equipped to safely, and properly participate in any fitness & wellness action. The equipment is included in the pay-per-use rent of a Box.

We would like individuals and small groups use our space for their own consumption - privately and professionally. Anyone can use our space to hire a trainer, coach.... workout by themselves..... stream in an APP session | video program.... workout with coworkers | friends.

We would like instructors, coaches and event coordinators to host the programs and community of their choosing. Anyone can rent out a Box and repurpose the Box as a session .... for private group ... corporate programs .... events .... open public classes.