A collection of facilities offered to you by a team of creators, and consumers...because energy matters ... connection matters ... and the ability to create and consume on your terms is real.

Sometimes you need your own space...sometimes you need another...

Sometimes you rally and sometimes you decompress...

At times you create and at times you consume...You decide!

We are the Brand for PAY-PER-USE fitness & wellness facilities.

This is your space for: When You Want! - What You Want! - With Whom You Want!

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New York - Upper East Side

October 2021

A two box studio for your community engagement as you would like. One large box studio and one small, intimate box studio. One Record & Stream private studio.

Boston - Back Bay

November 2021

A space for intimate, small group interactions; community events in fitness and wellness. An open floorplan with large windows allowing in natural light. One community studio.

New York - Tribeca

Coming Winter 2022